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My most recent engagement was redesigning the overall look and feel of the Brooke Baldwin time slot (2-4pm) on CNN NEWS ROOM. The ususal Adobe products were used in design and compositing (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects), and for these segments below I did my own 3D animation using Cinema 4D. Working with Jodie Hutchens (Design Direction), Jeff Young (Design/Animation), Peter Knudsen (Compositing), and Daniel Kershner (Electronic Graphics), we completely re-packaged the time slot, from opens and transitions to backgrounds, graphics, and monitor fills. The music was composed by J. T. Cantwell, and the audio effects and sweetening was by Bryan Stone.


CNN: RAPID FIRE - Segment Open


CNN: RAPID FIRE - Monitor Loop






CNN: MUSIC MONDAY - Segment Open



CNN: ON THE CASE - Segment Open



CNN: #WeCanDoBetter - Segment Open


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